Miss Jean Talon

Miss Jean Talon

Welcome to restaurant Miss Jean Talon. We invite you to come with us and enjoy of a special moment with the people you love, your family. Thanks to our warm environment and our good service Miss Jean Talon has the reputation of a warm family restaurant. Even you can come with your children and enjoy of our delicious Fruit Breakfasts and Pancakes. We are the place where you will have many options to choose. We have our delicious pizzas made with the taste that only Miss Jean Talon can give. We have Chicken Wings, Poutines, Burgers and more. We offer a very good delivery service. So you can order online or by phone.

(514) 274-4147

901 Jean Talon Ouest

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Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes

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Italian and Greek Dishes
Ginger TV

-I love the food there. Got myself a cheese pizza and honestly I was happy. They put a lot of cheese that I like and their Wednesday special is great for a large pizza. Also took their cake for my sister, and she loved their caramel cake. Will definitely comeback.-

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes
Melody Mammarella

-No fuss place. Nice staff. Food is great and they give you a lot.-

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes
Moustafa Choucair

-The burger is served on a brioche bun (always a plus), the steak sub was scrumptious (loads of meat + bread was tasty) & the wings were crispy on the outside/juicy on the inside, on account of all three of the people present at our table. The food is delicious and the service will keep you coming back. They've been in business this long because they know what it takes to be a cut above a normal casse-croûte.-

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes
Ushma D

-It's been my restaurant since I was 21. My son is in love with their hamburgers he says that is real beef served, friendly services when we dine in or take out. Thank you for helping me make memories with my son..-

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes
air 2406

-The food was excellent, the delivery took a bit long 55min, but it's ok as long as food it's delicious and cooked as requested. Ordered again for a second time and I hope to get the same quality standard.-

Italian and Greek Dishes