Miss Jean Talon

Miss Jean Talon

Bienvenue chez Miss Jean Talon. Nous vous invitons chez nous et profiter d'un moment privilégié avec les personnes que vous aimez, votre famille. Merci à notre chaleureux environnement et notre bon service Miss Jean Talon a la réputation d'un restaurant familial et chaleureux. Même venez avec vos enfants et profitez de nos délicieux Déjeuners aux Fruits et Crêpes. Nous sommes l'endroit où vous aurez beaucoup d'options à choisir. Nous avons nos délicieuses pizzas faites avec le goût que seulement Miss Jean Talon peut donner. Nous avons Ailes de Poulet, Poutines, Burgers et plus encore. Nous offrons service de livraison. Vous pouvez donc commander en ligne ou par téléphone.

(514) 274-4147

901 Jean Talon Ouest

Heures de livraison

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes

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Google Reviews
Italian and Greek Dishes
Edgar “Mreddy1985” M

-I’ve been eating at this place for well over 20 years and the service or the quality of food has always been exquisite!! The service is friendly, the food is delicious. As a local, I can say that this place serves the best comfort food in town! From delicious pizza, to flavourful souvlaki! If you’re visiting Montreal, this park ex gem has to be on your list-

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes
Joe Rene

-Best pizza in town. I have argued over this ... Never lost.-

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes
nobody man

-The steak pepperoni smoked meat sub has to be in the top 3 in the city. Order it well cooked and see you for yourself ? epic-

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes
Bootsie McGee

-I called the restaurant and placed my order by phone tonight. The woman who took my call was friendly. We ordered souvlaki pita combos, two chicken and two pork. Food showed up really fast. I'm a few bites into both pitas and I'm already rating. The pita is soft, the meats are grilled and tender, very nicely dressed with the tzatziki and vegetables as well. These boxes of food have WEIGHT to them, and I like that. Fries were still crispy and hot upon arrival (I am impressed because it's still winter). The food reminds me of eating at mom and pop style neighborhood diners when I was younger, except better. Will definitely order again!-

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes
Gabriel Delgado

-Good food and VERY friendly service/staff! I've been going there for years, and they have never disappointed us. There is something for everyone in their menu. Definitely a place I would recommend to anyone looking for delicious food! Be sure to try out their poutine!-

Italian and Greek Dishes