Miss Jean Talon

Miss Jean Talon

Bienvenue chez Miss Jean Talon. Nous vous invitons chez nous et profiter d'un moment privilégié avec les personnes que vous aimez, votre famille. Merci à notre chaleureux environnement et notre bon service Miss Jean Talon a la réputation d'un restaurant familial et chaleureux. Même venez avec vos enfants et profitez de nos délicieux Déjeuners aux Fruits et Crêpes. Nous sommes l'endroit où vous aurez beaucoup d'options à choisir. Nous avons nos délicieuses pizzas faites avec le goût que seulement Miss Jean Talon peut donner. Nous avons Ailes de Poulet, Poutines, Burgers et plus encore. Nous offrons service de livraison. Vous pouvez donc commander en ligne ou par téléphone.

(514) 274-4147

901 Jean Talon Ouest

Heures de livraison

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes

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Google Reviews
Italian and Greek Dishes
Ramnauth Ramlall

-The food is delicious. I’ve always enjoyed their pizza’s, chicken wings and burgers.-

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes
Nik (Tecknikos)

-Use their website to order if you want to save some money from other delivery services over charging people. Website is well done and simple. Good job !-

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes
Krystina Casselman

-My favorite pizza and really good pita souflaki The food is reasonably priced and this is a iconic resturant in Park Extension. Good morning breakfeast that will not drain your wallet. All prices are and have been reasonable. Parking is a challenge.-

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes
Samantha Jeanne

-Ordered last night for delivery ... I've always loved greek spaghetti and was so happy to find some near me! Ordered the baked spaghetti and was very pleased with it :) Will be returning!-

Italian and Greek Dishes
Italian and Greek Dishes
khuram shazad

-Was in the area for an errand with my cousin and she suggested we have lunch there as it was one of her favorite spots 20 years ago. We had the souvlaki pita and pizza. She could not believe the quality and authenticity of the food was just as good today as it was 20 years ago. I was amazed. Best pita I've had in a long time. Highly recommend. A must try if you're in the area.???-

Italian and Greek Dishes